Buy-to-Let Liverpool

One of Europe’s fastest growing destination cities, with an impressive network of connections to international markets, Liverpool prides itself as being an innovative and exciting place for investment and business.

As one of the best connected cities in the UK, Liverpool is firmly linked to global markets with many multinational companies, such as Barclays Wealth, Sony and Jaguar Land Rover, already major investors. The city benefits from substantial economic assets and opportunities as the centre of a population of 1.5million people, driving a £20billion economy to the city region.

The city’s unique business benefits, market opportunities and outstanding quality of life attracts a huge number of businesses, students, entrepreneurs, and professional workers to the area each year. Between 2008 and 2012 the population increased 3.3% and, as a result of this massive population expansion, demand for rented accommodation has grown exponentially.

Over the past 2 decades the city has been transformed by numerous multi-million regeneration projects, enabling a portfolio of excellent property sites to develop. A growing population of over 60,000 students has created a high demand for quality student accommodation, while young professionals and entrepreneurs add to the city’s property demands.  This high demand, combined with low property prices, presents a great opportunity for investors. With 51% of housing stock being in the rented sector and over £20million worth of private rental income generated monthly, Liverpool has been voted #9 in the top 10 cities to invest in the UK. Investors can take advantage of an impressive 6.57% rental yield, with average property prices of £91,012 and an average monthly rental income of £498.

With its exceptional economic strengths, low property prices and increasing demand for quality rental accommodation, Liverpool is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading destinations for buy-to-let property investments.