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Leeds is a vibrant city, rich in culture. With beautiful Victorian architecture contrasted with urban redevelopment, Leeds is fast becoming one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.

Located in the heart of the UK, half-way between London and Edinburgh, the region benefits from excellent local, national and international transport links. Home to the UK’s second busiest train station outside of London, Leeds is connected to many other cities across the country. London can be reached in just over 2 hours and Manchester in just 51 minutes. The airport is just 10 miles north of the city, connecting the UK to European and international destinations such as Australia, UAE and New York, providing an exceptional base both locally and nationally.

Leeds is the UK’s fastest growing city for business. It made its fortune in textiles and tailoring during the industrial revolution in the 1800s and today, is the second largest employer outside of London. A major centre for banking, finance and law, its banking sector alone employs over 91,000 skilled professionals. From global brands to innovative start-ups, over 100,000 businesses have a base in the city region. The financial quarter is where all of the big names in banking are found, with The Bank of England, Aviva and Zurich all helping to establish Leeds as a business super hub.

With the growing business base drawing young professionals, as well as big businesses into the region, demand for quality rental accommodation is continually increasing. With the added rental demand of the expanding student population of Leeds’ numerous universities, combined with the low property prices, Yorkshire’s ‘urban jewel’ is becoming an increasingly attractive location for buy to let property investments. 

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