Could an Asset Swap work for you?

Since 2016 UK residential landlords have been under the cosh, with a range of fiscal burdens placed on them, whether through stamp duty or the abolition of relief on mortgage interest.  These fiscal demands have reduced the profitability of some assets considerably, prompting many landlords to review their portfolios or question their involvement in the sector as a whole.

With lending becoming more difficult also, due to the Bank of England viewing residential buy to let as a systemic risk to the economy, many landlords are also finding that re-mortgaging is become more expensive. The Mortgage Lenders Association have seen net investment in buy to let fall by 80% between 2015 and 2017. 

With many landlords looking to sell up, we are pleased to offer an asset swap for clients who may consider switching their residential portfolio to a more commercial property focus. If you still want to retain an income generating asset but do not want the hassle of managing a buy to let property or a portfolio, then swapping your residential property for a buy to let hotel room may be a route to consider. If you were considering selling your portfolio in order to release cash to buy in the hotel room sector, then again this may be an appropriate way for you to proceed.

We have achieved this with a number of clients in the last couple of years, and although each  case has to be dealt with on its individual merits, we are happy to review your portfolio and with our partners suggest a fair and equitable asset swap based on current market values. UK and International assets will be considered.  

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