UK Care Home Webinar Series

We recently hosted a series of webinars about the opportunities available to clients seeking to invest in UK commerical property and specifically the UK Care Home market.  Split over three recordings the webinars are hugely informative about the opportuities available.


Webinar 1

Michael Reilly, Sales and Marketing Director st Select Portfolio, undertook an overview of the curernt care home sector, the market palce in which the investments will operate and the demographic factors driving the sector.



Webinar 2 

Michael Reilly, Sales and Marketing Director at Select Portfolio,  is joined by the Operations Director of Qualia Care, Phil Whitaker, to discuss the key factors in identifying the best care homes to join their portfolio. Despite some gremlins we also consider the factors driving the successful and profitable delivery of care for patients, their families, staff, and investors.




Webinar 3

In conversation with Robin Forster, CEO of Qualia Care, understanding the long lease model. (excuse the first minute of black screen).