Three Bedroom Classic Lodge Deferred

British Pound 132,500

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Property description:

By purchasing with the Afan Valley Three Bed Classic developer-deferred option, you are able to offset your total capital outlay from the purchase price of £265,000 to £132,500 by deferring £132,500 against future rental income.
Property details

Afan Valley Adventure Resort, South Wales.

Afan Valley Adventure Resort, South Wales, sees the creation of one of the biggest and most exciting outdoor adventure parks in the UK. Set over 485 acres, the development will see the construction of a 100 room luxury hotel, alongside 400 lodges, all arranged around a commercial centre with shops, restaurants and bars.

Resort Highlights

  • The ultimate outdoor adventure park in Afan Valley, south Wales.
  • Situated in a strategic location, benefitting from high tourist demand.
  • Some of the most iconic names & prestigious brands involved; including the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.
  • A near-endless list of adventure activities including an aquatic adventure park, high-wire adventure courses, extreme sports facilities, a trampoline park, BMX tracks, rock climbing, paint balling and more.
  • A central Hub with shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and a 5* hotel & spa.
  • Powered by solar energy, via a 5MV solar farm spread over approximately 25 acres.

Investment Highlights

  • The ultimate outdoor adventure parc in Afan Valley, south Wales.
  • Situated in a strategic location in Wales, experiencing high tourist demand.
  • Some of the most iconic names & prestigious brands involved.
  • Fully managed by an experienced operator.
  • 2 weeks personal use included each year for lodge owners (one week in low season & one week in high season).
  • Lodges generate 10% NET rental income for the first 5 years.
  • Reserve for £1,000.

Three Bedroom Luxury Lodge Investment, Afan Valley Adventure Resort.

A key part of ensuring a fantastic holiday experience is finding a wonderful place to stay and when it comes to accommodation, Afan Valley Adventure Resort are determined to deliver the best.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of park homes have been appointed to design and build the 400 lodges within Afan Valley Adventure Resort. With exceptional build quality and a keen eye for detail, the properties will offer the utmost in comfort and style – and a perfect place to relax after a day of adventure and action. The unique designs will be exclusive to Afan Valley Adventure Resort – providing one-of-a-kind accommodation, that’s guaranteed to ensure an unforgettable stay.

This three bedroom luxury lodge comes complete with a spacious outdoor decking area, jacuzzi hot tub, feature BBQ, external lighting, central heating, a feature fire, fully furnished, a full kitchen, and bathrooms with showers & body jets.

The property is available now as an investment. Offering purchasers 10% annual rental yield p.a. for the first 5 years.

Investors also benefit from 2 weeks personal use each year (one week in low season and one week in high season), during which they can enjoy a stay at Afan Valley Adventure Resort, completely free of charge and enjoy everything the resort has to offer.
The properties are fully managed by an experienced hotel operator, ensuring you generate a completely passive & hassle-free return on your investment.

It’s only £1,000 to reserve your preferred lodge within Afan Valley Adventure Resort. Enquire now to find out more, by calling +44(0)1202 765011, or email [email protected].

Purchasing a lodge at Afan Valley

The process for purchasing property within Afan Valley Adventure Resort will proceed as follows

  1. Your sales consultant will prepare a reservation form which includes details of the unit that you have chosen and the financial terms offered by us.
  2. You will then be asked to sign the reservation form and pay the £1,000 reservation fee to reserve the unit. Within seven days, you are required to send us your certified identification documents along with source/proof of funds for the unit.
  3. A memorandum of sale is then issued to the third party solicitor chosen by you to act on your behalf. At this point the purchase contracts will be sent to your solicitor for review.
  4. A client care pack will be sent to you by your chosen solicitor for your authorisation, this allows the necessary checks to be carried out and the purchase to continue as per UK conveyance law.
  5. Your solicitor will also send you the purchase contracts and their report on title; this is your third party advice that relates to your purchase. You should read this thoroughly and liaise directly with your solicitor to ensure you’re satisfied with the documents you have received.
  6. Once you are ready to proceed you will be asked to sign and where appropriate have your witness sign the contracts and return them to your solicitor, using a secure, signed-for delivery service. At the same time, you are required to transfer the balance of purchase into your solicitor’s client account.
  7. Upon receipt of your documents and the balance purchase monies, exchange and completion can take place. Your lawyer will then attend to all registration formalities with the Land Registry. On completion the title in the site of your lodge will be transferred to you and the order for your lodge will be placed with the manufacturer.
  8. Omitting delays, the purchase process is scheduled to take no longer than 28 days from the point of reservation

There are two purchase options available for lodges: Deferred Purchase and Whole Purchase.

The deferred cash input model utilises developer finance allowing your total capital outlay to be reduced by making an initial cash input of 50% of the purchase price and having the balance owing deducted from your returns.

After the initial payment has been made, 8% coupon interest based on the cash input will be deducted from the balance owing for the first 3 years. The remaining balance owing will be deducted from the returns payable to you, which are 16% of the cash input (8% of the net purchase price) in years 4-10. Please see video above for illustration. In addition, an assured buyback at year 10 based on 125% of the net purchase price will be paid to you.

Spanning 485 acres of spectacular countryside, the Afan Valley Adventure Resort is located within the Afan Valley, midway between Swansea and Cardiff in South Wales. Set amidst dense woodland areas with stunning elevated views the resort lies adjacent to the former mining lodge of Cymmer and adjacent to a European award-winning national mountain biking facility, Afan Forest Park, which receives approximately 60,000 visitors each year.

Transport links are readily available with junction 40 of the M4 approximately 11 km (6.5 miles) to the south west via the A4107. The parc is north east of Port Talbot, with the city of Swansea 13 miles (20 km) to the west and Cardiff 28 miles (44 km) to the east.

Afan Valley

Known as the heart and soul of Wales, The Valleys of South Wales are a must-see destination, with Afan Valley in the very heart. A region of breathtaking natural beauty, Afan Valley is set amongst densely wooded forests and glorious countryside offering picture perfect views.

Untouched by urbanisation, this peaceful region of Wales is made up of a string of small villages, creating the perfect setting for a holiday escape. Designated a Forest Park in 1972 thanks to its lush landscape and stunning setting, this picture perfect region of South Wales is now a magnet for tourists who flock to visit the many walk and bike routes that scatter the vibrant green valley. So much so, the area has now evolved into a hugely popular destination for outdoor activity and has become a premier destination for world class mountain biking.

Named in the top ten places in the world to ‘ride before you die’, the park is home to four world class mountain bike trails and two family friendly routes, offering something for both amateur and more experienced bikers alike.

Of course traversing around on two wheels is not the only way to discover the area and there are a variety of other outdoor pursuits to enjoy including nature rambles and hikes, horse riding, kayaking, caving, climbing, gorge walking and fishing.

Why invest in Welsh tourism?

  • Tourism is a thriving industry in Wales with visitors spending around £14 million a day, amounting to approximately £5.1 billion per year.
  • Outdoor activity tourism in Wales is big business, contributing a huge £481 million to the Welsh economy and supporting 8,243 full time jobs. This annual contribution of £481 million amounts to 10% of the total economic contribution of all tourism in Wales.
  • Activity holidays play a key role in attracting visitors for short breaks in Wales, helping to support more rural areas and extending the tourism season.
  • In 2015 75 million day trips were made by British residents to destinations in Wales, generating a total expenditure of £2,714 million.
  • More than 10 million tourists stayed overnight in Wales in 2015, the highest figure since 2006.
  • Wales attracted 933,000 visits from overseas in 2015 [figures from Office for National Statistics]. 70.5% of these visits came from Europe, 12.6% from North America and 16.7% from elsewhere.
  • The average spend per day trip amounted to approximately £36.24, which was slightly higher than the value of £35.32 for Great Britain as a whole, and was £6.59 higher than the average spend for Wales in 2014.
  • From January to December 2015, hotel room occupancy levels in Wales rose by 3% (up to 67%), compared to the same period in 2014. Similarly, guesthouses and B&B room occupancies also rose by 3% (up to 38%) in the same period.
  • Holiday and leisure trips to Wales accounted for 62% of all trips to Wales in the first eleven months of 2015.

Location map:

South Wales
3 Bedrooms

Property summary

  • Three bedroom luxury lodge investment property.
  • On an amazing new adventure resort.
  • Exciting outdoor adventure facilities.
  • 2 weeks personal use FREE each year.
  • Simple, affordable purchase process.
  • Reserve for £1,000.
  • Fully managed property investment.