Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way


Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way Single Care Suite LW118, Lavender Way

Property description:

An exciting opportunity to purchase a care room within an operational care home in Merseyside, Liverpool. A passive property investment opportunity that generates 8% NET yields for 25 years with a 225% ROI.
Property details

Lavender Way Care Home: Purchase Highlights

Lavender Way is an operational care facility providing specialist nursing and dementia care for individuals in Merseyside, Liverpool. The property features 40 rooms. Individual units are now available for purchase, providing an alternative to a traditional buy-to-let.

The purchase presents a number of unique highlights:

  • 40 bed care facility over 2 floors
  • Open and operational
  • Purpose built
  • ‘Good’ CQC rating
  • Enclosed gardens
  • Rooms available for £70,000
  • 8% NET yields assured for 25 years
  • Sell back option in year 25 for 125%
  • 4 exit options available
  • No ongoing fees or charges
  • Experienced specialist care team in place to manage the facility
  • Reserve now for £1,000

Lavender Way Care Home, Merseyside, Liverpool.

Lavender Way presents the opportunity for individuals and businesses to purchase individual units within a high-specification nursing and dementia facility in Merseyside, Liverpool.

As a country, the UK is ageing and as a result, demand for care homes in the UK is at an all time high. With the number of people aged 85 and over in the UK predicted to more than double in the next 23 years (Office for National Statistics, 2015), the need for care is growing, and demand for services is likely to exceed capacity.

With social care being a sensitive and emotive sector, it is more important than ever to deliver quality, affordable care that is designed around a sustainable foundation that can continue for years to come.

At a time when the care sector is experiencing a shortfall of quality homes, with many larger national providers focusing their services in the south of England, there is increasing need for quality care providers in the north of England, working within the constraints of local authority funding.

It is this need that Lavender Way will look to fill.

The purchase is based on an innovative model that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the care industry. It provides clients with an ethical ROI made possible by a sustainable model that thoughtfully balances the needs of all parties.

The fully operational care facility has 40 rooms.

Your care room offers:

  • The latest nurse call remote system.
  • Lighting designed for maximum older eye visual deterioration and to maximise shadows and dark spaces in a room.
  • A chest of drawers, bedside table with lockable drawers and a wardrobe. All feature ‘cutaway’ sections to allow clothes to be visible for people with memory difficulties.
  • A profiling bed, which allows maximum care, weight distribution and adjustable height, foot and head positions. This allows the use of safety rails and the fitting of high performance pressure relief mattresses and cushions.
  • An additional visitors chair, desk and telephone point.

The rooms are designed and finished to exceed industry standards and provide guests with the optimum care.

Purchasing units at Lavender Way Care Home

We believe that by taking our time to listen to your needs, establishing a full client profile for you, we can then confidently confirm whether this is the right opportunity for you.

It is also assuring to note that should this not completely suit your needs, we will not push you into making a decision that you are not comfortable with, purely to close a sale.

A purchase has to be 100% right for you, or we will not proceed.

We will assist you throughout the purchase process:

  1. Your sales consultant will answer your questions and guide you through every aspect of this buy-to-let commercial property purchase, recommending a unit for consideration.

On acceptance, you will receive a reservation form to complete and sign, and you will be asked to make the payment of the £1,000 reservation fee required to secure your unit, this amount is deducted from the final purchase funds.

You are then required to provide your certified identification documents (ID) to your sales consultant within 7 days along with proof of funds for the unit to your legal representative.

  1. A Memo of Sale will be drafted and issued to both parties’ legal representatives, contracts are prepared by the developer and issued to your legal representative for review.

    The document pack is then sent to you directly by your legal representative alongside the legal representative’s terms of business and a Report on Title, containing a summary of the document pack and any searches associated with the property.

    You will then have the opportunity to raise any property enquiries with your legal representative. As the purchaser(s) of the property, you and your signatory witness then sign the contract and return it to your legal representative using a secure, signed-for delivery service. Should you require any assistance with signing the documentation, your sales consultant will be able to provide ‘Your Purchase Guide’ to assist or you are able to discuss this with your legal representative.

    At this point, you will also pay the outstanding balance of purchase monies into your legal representative’s client account.


  1. Upon receipt of your documents and balance of purchase funds, exchange and completion can take place. Your legal representative will then attend to all post-completion registration formalities with the UK Land Registry.

    Omitting delays, the purchase process is scheduled to take no longer than 28 days from the point of reservation.

    A legal fee incentive is offered to clients who choose to use a panel solicitor. The developer will pay the legal fees for your purchase, as long as it exchanges within 28 days from the date the memorandum of sale has been issued.

The Location: Merseyside, Liverpool

It is forecast that the ageing population of Merseyside will lead to an increasing prevalence of dementia. According to a recent study (1) 1 in 100 people in neighbouring Liverpool are living with dementia. This equates to an expected 4,883 people living with dementia in Liverpool in 2013, a figure projected to rise to 5,407 by 2021.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) says that by 2050, 1 in 4 people in the UK will be aged 65 and over – a 56.3% increase from 2012 (2). There is a dwindling supply of quality care homes and beds across the UK, with owners and operators who rely on the traditional models of supply and finance coming under intense financial pressure.

Lavender Way offers an innovative and sustainable model that helps to address this demand for quality care.

Your purchase helps to maintain the supply of kind and dignified care in facilities that have been enhanced to create clean, safe and homely environments.

1. Liverpool Commissioning Strategy for Dementia 2014-2018
2. ONS

Care Home
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

Property summary

  • £70,000 purchase price
  • 8% NET returns for 25 years
  • 225% ROI with 125% developer buy back option
  • Experienced operator & proven model
  • Liverpool location - with significant demand
  • Open & Operational facility
  • Reserve for £1,000.