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The UK Care Home Market: 5 Part Series - Part 5: How does it work?

Our unique range of care home investment opportunities are specifically designed to provide a lucrative and sustainable source of income, while simultaneously acting as an investment in the future of our loved ones.

Our five-part care series has looked in detail at the sector’s rising demand, the gap in the quality of current care provision, where the funding is currently coming from & the increasing levels of investment from private individuals.

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In our final piece we examine the unique model that’s provided with our care home investment opportunities.

Part 5 – How do care home investments work?

Our unique care home investments provide an alternative to a traditional buy-to-let property investment. Unitised care homes offer very low entry costs, of any property sector, alongside sizeable annual returns of around 8 – 10%. As a result, it’s easy to see why the market has grown so rapidly in recent years.

We only work with developers that provide outstanding care home developments, which provide dementia standard levels of care – the highest level in the UK.

With a strategy to improve current standards of care in the UK, the model largely focuses on the redevelopment and renovation of operational care facilities in order to bring them in line with the highest standard of care home in the UK. This enables the developer to benefit from the infrastructure already in place for each facility, while significantly improving the care being offered to its residents.

Using sophisticated need-mapping techniques and high-level industry intelligence, services are provided in areas where demand is high, fees are sustainable and high occupancy is expected. As a result, these facilities provide investors with the most sustainable and secure care home investments possible.

Gilwood Lodge was the first development to be completely renovated and reopened and provides an exceptional example of the type of development on offer to our investors. This facility now provides exceptional care services; with the latest in comfort, technological and sensory features; and is on track to fulfil all of its financial, care and operational targets.

To view full before and after photos of the redevelopment click here.

With a unique funding model, the operator leases the care suite back from investors; paying rental returns generated through the operation of the facility. Investors are often able to offset a number of years’ returns against the purchase price of the unit; lowering the cash input required to invest.

This model allows investors to benefit from much lower entry costs and for high rental returns to be assured across substantial time periods. While this funding model is well established in many other sectors, it is a relatively new concept within the care home sector and has the benefit of being more robust and scalable than traditional models. This allows the developer to continue to grow their business, while providing investors with lucrative care home investment opportunities.

While each of our care home investment opportunities provides their own unique benefits, they all deliver only the highest quality of care to residents; while providing investors with a lucrative hands-off income-generating property asset.

If you’re considering an investment in the UK care home sector call our team today on (+44) 01202 765011 or email [email protected] for more information. 


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