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The top 5 reasons to purchase a managed buy to let property

For those looking to earn a healthy income from property rentals, figures suggest that heading north may offer the best opportunities for return on investments. London landlords may be able to charge some of the highest rents, but with house prices equally high the profit margin is far tighter than that of their northern counterparts.

New research conducted by eMoov has unveiled a shift in property markets, highlighting a new pecking order that places the North in nine of the ten top spots. This has been attributed to an increase in rental prices, coupled with cheaper mortgages and a booming housing market that looks set to strengthen.

The North has evidently outperformed the South as well as Wales, with Sheffield in particular proving to be fruitful. Voted the best place in the UK for buy-to-let, Sheffield is currently offering investors the best returns in the whole of the UK, based on research from more than 2.6000 postcodes.

With an average property cost in Sheffield coming in at just under £70,000 and an average monthly rent of £645, you can see why landlords are heading north in order to reap the financial benefits. To put this into perspective, the national average gross gains is 4,2pc compared to 11pc in Sheffield.

So apart from the financial benefits, why should you be considering a Select Portfolio buy-to-let investment opportunity? Here are our 5 Top Reasons:

  1. Tangible – For those looking for something more physical than stocks & shares
  2. Short & long-term benefits – Assured rental returns for the short term, as well as long term capital growth
  3. Excellent locations – Our properties are in some of the most profitable locations around the UK and come with the added security of knowing they have been researched and verified
  4. Fully managed – Through having set yields, investors won’t have to concern themselves with getting tenants, or looking after the property. Additionally, anytime the property is empty or in need of refurbishment, it will be taken care of
  5. High yields – Northern property investments are offering favourable returns in comparison to many UK investment markets


At Select Portfolio we offer a number of opportunities in the North West area and our skilled team are perfectly attuned to the individual needs of our customers.

Whether you’re a first time investor or simply looking to expand your portfolio, speak to one of our friendly team on 01202 675 011 or alternatively email us at [email protected] with your specifications.


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