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The success of Bradford’s Learning Quarter is good news for property investors.

With a lively nightlife, numerous cultural attractions, a strong business base and a growing higher education sector, Bradford is a city increasingly attractive to tourists, professionals and students from all over the world. Now boasting an economy worth around £8.7 billion, Bradford is becoming more successful year-on-year, and property investors are taking notice.

At the centre of Bradford’s success is The Learning Quarter; home to the city’s higher education sector and encompassing campuses for both Bradford College and the University of Bradford. This region is a substantial contributor to Bradford’s economy and has seen more than £150m of investment in recent years.

A centrepiece of the Learning Quarter, The University of Bradford is recognised as one of the world’s greatest technology universities, with 50 years of academic excellence. Listed as the number one university for graduate-level employment in Yorkshire by the Sunday Times University Guide 2013, it is also ranked in the top 20 nationally and has a growing list of accolades which includes top green university in the UK and eighth greenest in the world. The university and its Student’s Union were also recognised by the Internationalism Awards 2015 for Excellence in International Support in Higher Education.

The University’s ongoing successes have contributed to increased numbers of students attracted to study in Bradford. In previous years, first-year students would primarily occupy university-provided halls of residence, before sourcing their own private accommodation in their later years. Today, such is the shortage and poor condition of private sector properties that many second and third year students are looking for higher quality accommodation over the duration of their studies. With over 36,000 students attending higher education institutions across Bradford each year, this provides a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on the increased demand for high quality accommodation by investing in property developments which are able to fulfil this need.

Introducing Bradford’s newest student development

Fulfilling this need and providing an outstanding opportunity for students and investors alike, The Dye Works is a brand new development underway within Bradford’s Learning Quarter.

Providing high quality accommodation to members of Bradford’s growing student population, The 162 bed Dye Works student accommodation building is forecast for extremely high occupancy levels, while the connected aparthotel will offer a perfect space for those visiting the university, friends and family of students living within the Dye Works, or tourists staying in the Bradford area. The wider demand base for the hotel means high occupancy levels can also be expected all year round.

Taking advantage of the growing success of Bradford’s Learning Quarter, this new development offers investors a lucrative investment proposition with an extremely stable demand source. It is for this reason that the Dye Works is able to offer investors assured rental returns and tremendous capital growth potential. Not only that, but because the student properties are fully managed by specialist operators there are zero ongoing costs and zero management headaches for investors; meaning they can sit back, relax and enjoy their financial returns.
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