Select Portfolio Team on Site Visit

Select Portfolio on Tour!

2 Days. 5 Developments. 5 Staff Members. The Select Resorts Properties team visit the sites of a number of our profitable UK profitable investment opportunities.

A number of our UK property investment opportunities are available to purchase as off-plan developments. This can sometimes make it difficult to envisage what will eventually be available for investors to generate their returns. Five members of our team went to visit five of the sites for Clifton Moor Care Home, Lynwood Care Centre, Walsden Care Village, The Heritage Hotel and the Llandudno Hotel & Spa to see for themselves just what was on offer – to help us bring these developments to life for you.

Sales Executives Josh Hawker and Kate Oliver, share their experience of the developments and what they made of the sites.

“The Walsden Care Village site was definitely my favourite. It’s so picturesque and a fantastic location for anyone to enjoy retirement.” States Kate. “The site is situated within the Pennines in a very residential area and overlook a stream & fields – not developments, roads or large tower block buildings. It was made even prettier by the ducks enjoying the water!”

The excellent location combined with state-of the-art facilities will ensure Clifton Moor Care Home is an operational success. The property is set to face significant demand from residents situated in the local area.

“The other aspect that really stood out was the passion and drive of the development team” tells Josh. The Managing Director of the Social Care team that will run the daily operation at Clifton Moor is extremely invested in making this a true success. “He wants to change the concept of the current care provision, to ensure people come to the residence to truly live.”

Hamish has been significantly involved in the opening and closing of over 1,000 care facilities, and works directly with the Head of the Quality Care Commission (CQC). He knows the care industry inside out – and is extremely au fait with the industry, its developments and where it looks set to go.

The operational team is generating significant interest in these properties from the NHS, as they’re paving the way for a new type of care and offering flagship care accommodation within the UK.

This significant involvement with Hamish will ensure the Clifton Moor Care Home, Lynwood Care Centre and Walsden Care Village  will all provide state-of-the art care for our older generations, ensuring a profitable, successful operation – and a fantastic, secure investment option.

The team then went on to visit two of our hotel investment opportunities in Wales. The Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa (which has now sold out) and The Heritage Hotel.

“The hotels are in spectacular locations, right on the sea front with fantastic views. Llandudno is a really attractive, popular location, so I can see why many people visit for a UK based holiday” tells Josh.

The Heritage Hotel has fantastic views right across the beach at Llandudno and Snowdonia to the right. The hotel is already operational, but is undergoing some renovation to improve the offering and bring it up to a 4* boutique hotel standard.

Whilst The Heritage Hotel only requires a small amount of re-development, The Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa has currently had £1.4 million spent – which is likely to increase further. The property is benefitting from completely new plumbing, wiring and plastering as well as a totally new kitchen and a full conversion of the ballroom – to be suitable for a wedding venue. With 100% occupancy for weekends over the summer months, as well as wedding bookings already being made – the Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa is already proving its potential.

Both the Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa and The Heritage Hotel will offer clean, affordable accommodation, and will not be rated - instead relying on TripAdvisor reviews to ensure they’re proving excellent service and welcoming stays.

Kate explains why she thinks The Heritage Hotel is such a great opportunity for investment;

“I think the excellent beach-front location, low price points for stays and quality services/reviews all indicate The Heritage Hotel will be a popular hotel destination in Llandudno and this combined with such affordable investment levels makes me confident in the returns and profitability of the hotel.”

If you want to speak to a member of our team to find out more about their experiences of any of the sites they visited and to learn more about Lynwood Care Centre, Walsden Care Village, Clifton Moor Care Home or The Heritage Hotel, then please enquire now, or call us on +44(0)1202 765011 to discuss in more detail.