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Liverpool to continue being a hotspot for property investment following Brexit.

Dispelling concerns over the impact of Brexit on the UK property market, Liverpool continues to be a hotspot for investment, with increases to both sales figures and prices.  

Property in Liverpool has long been a sought-after investment asset. The city’s economy has been growing rapidly since the mid-1990s, and is now the second largest regional economy in the North of England. Property prices are still affordable, but are also increasing considerably year-on- year. According to new research from Which? average property prices across Liverpool have risen 40% in the past five years, yet are still just £120,000 - significantly lower than the £200,000 UK average.

The UK Government’s renewed support for the Northern Powerhouse project, announced by Theresa May in August, makes clear that despite the initial apprehension surrounding the UK’s vote to leave the EU; UK property, particularly in the Northern Powerhouse region, will continue to present a safe haven for investment; one which is extremely attractive to overseas buyers based on the weakened value of the pound.

Liverpool is a hotspot for investors from China, Hong Kong and beyond. For these investors, affordable property in Liverpool offers a chance to invest in the UK’s Northern Powerhouse before prices inevitably skyrocket. The Northern Powerhouse has already created over 8,000 jobs in the past four years and an estimated 850,000 more are forecast to be created by 2050. With several regeneration schemes and improvements to connectivity set to take place in Liverpool in the coming years, the potential ROI for investors looks set to continue increasing year-on-year.

Added to the city’s affordable prices and growing demand, Liverpool offers some of the best rental returns of anywhere in the UK. According to official figures from HSBC, Liverpool is home to the UK’s second highest average rental yield at 5.16%, just behind Manchester at 6.02%. This means that investors in property in Liverpool not only benefit from capital appreciation, but also make substantial returns on an ongoing basis.

A particularly good investment, student accommodation developments in Liverpool often offer fully-managed investment opportunities, with assured rental returns and zero ongoing costs. In recent years Liverpool has seen significant growth in its knowledge economy, with the establishment of the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter. With the rapid growth of this sector drawing over 66,000 students to the city each year, Liverpool is now seeing a massive imbalance between the supply and demand of high quality student accommodation.

Developments situated close to Liverpool’s many higher education institutions are particularly attractive to students and thus offer the most attractive opportunities for investors.

Phoenix Place, Liverpool

Phoenix Place is a 134 bed high-quality student accommodation building situated within easy walking distance to Liverpool’s main University campuses, providing a safe and secure living environment for the city’s growing population of discerning students.

Investors receive 9% NET returns assured for 2 years, with zero ongoing management and maintenance fees and outstanding capital appreciation potential.

Phoenix Place ultimately provides a stylish solution to the rising demand for quality student accommodation in Liverpool, whilst also providing an outstanding investment opportunity. For more information on this opportunity contact a member of our team on +44 (0)1202 765011 or email [email protected]

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