Afan Valley Adventure Resort Events 2018

We are very excited about the Afan Valley Adventure Resort and would love to share this with you in person. 

Celtic Manor Inspection Visits
We have hosted a number of small inspection trips to the site and have a number of additional visits planned based on client demand.

A typical inspection visit involves:

  • One night stay at the Celtic Manor Resort with bed and breakfast.
  • Initial meet and greet with our team and a representative from the developer.
  • Enjoy the facilities at Celtic Manor during the evening.
  • Join us for a visit to the site in the morning.

The cost for this trip is just £99 per room.  This amount is refunded against your purchase.

London Event
We are also planning an event in London on Wednesday 21st November, it will be at a fantastic location in Chelsea.  Details are to be finalised but you can preregister below.